Chasin Tail - What To Bring

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Equipment - What To Bring

Avalon Permit Fly

Bonefish Flies

Del's Merkin, Bonefish Clouser, Bonefish Slider, Turneffe Crab, Gummy Minnow size 6, Crazy Charlie, Gotcha and Puffs.

Permit Flies

Bauer Crab, Merkin Crab, Mantis Shrimp, McCrab, Turneffe Crab, Mangrove Critter, Spawning Shrimp, Avalon Permit Flies.

Tarpon Flies

Cockroach, Black Death, Orange Butt Tarpon, Clousers in Green & yellow, Gummy Minnows.

Snook Flies

Same as Tarpon flies, and some poppers in green and white colors.

Rod, Reels and flyline

Bonefish Rods and Line

Rods: 8 weight rod and 8 weight line with 150 yds. of backing.
Leaders: Knotless bonefish tapered leaders 10-12 lb.
Tippet: 10-12 lb.

Permit Rods and Line

Rods: 8-10 weight rod and 8-10 weight line with 200 yds. of backing.
Leaders: Knotless 9 foot tapered leaders 10-12 lb.

Tarpon Rods and Line

Rods: 10-12 weight rod and 11 weight linewith 200 yds. of backing.
Leaders: Shock Leaders 80 lb. for large tarpon and 40-60 lb. for smaller tarpon
Tippet: 20-40 lb.

Snook Rods and Line

Rods: 10 weight rod and 11 weight linewith 200 yds. of backing.
Leaders: Knotless 8 foot tapered leaders 20-40 lb.
Tippet: 20-40 lb.

Polarized sunglasses
Other essentials

Broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50+, Polarized sunglasses, hat, camera, towel, light weight long sleve shirt and pants or shorts, light weight rain gear, buff, alcholic beverages if desired.